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Minerals & Ornaments

Fall for the charm of the beauty and purity of precious stones. The effect is produced by the exchange of subtle energy, while the stones have certain properties and characteristics. Positive energy is released and negative energy absorbed during use. You can feel better when you use the right precious stone at the right place and under the right circumstances. Our Crystal Guide can help you make the right choice.

Whether you buy it as an ornament, cuddle stone, or decoration in your home, I would be delighted to help you choose.

The range comprises chains, armbands, earrings and rings made out – or a combination – of silver, wood, minerals, semiprecious stones, leather and coconut, as well as tumble stones, raw mineral stones, and health stones.

The showpiece is the Amethyst Geode, a unique piece of nature that provides inner peace, mental and physical purification, spiritual insight and meditation.