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My name is Peggy Lissens. I was born in Halle in 1970, and grew up in Lot in a loving family. I have been caring, honest, helpful, loyal and perfectionist since I was a child. My days were filled with theatre, reading, music and football.

After having enjoyed going out for years, I met my husband Philippe. My good friend became my partner and we proceeded to enjoy life together and got two wonderful children.

My body got a bit tired through the years, however, and I went through a rough time.

My body got a bit tired through the years, however, and I went through a rough time. Fortunately, I realized that I did not always have to do everything and that I had to take better care of myself, and not only of others. Yoga, complementary relaxation therapy and Biodanza taught me to follow my gut feeling again and to live for the moment, here and now. This brought me peace of mind and I was able to make positive progress. The fire burning inside of me was telling me that after 28 years of working in an administrative position, it was time to do something else.

My dormant interest of long standing in health, Buddha statues, Japanese gardens and Asian decoration bubbled to the surface just like a new natural spring. I regained my balance!

Philippe had long shared my passion for Eastern decoration and followed me on my new creative path. We decided to create something together which resulted in this concept: Zen Corner. An oasis of calm, beauty and purity.

Now, one year later, I am just so happy that I went through with my desire for “something different”. I am so grateful that I have met so many beautiful and unique people, who give me just so much more energy! I still learn from others and from things every day, and I use these beautiful energies to get better and better. And this in the realization that the universe consists mainly about omnipresent love. And I wish to keep sharing this with you…

I would like to welcome you most cordially to the Corner, and take you along in a world of ZEN….

Asian gift items and furniture

Find your Zen in our store in St-Pieters-Leeuw. We offer a wide range of Buddha statues, wall panels, minerals, jewelery, furniture, meditation clothing and other articles.

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Zen Corner is not just another shop with gift items. We make the difference through our passion for and knowledge of the Asian world. We try to take you into a 'zen' story through our store. Zen Corner offers products to everyone's budget.

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